RC vs MC

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The purpose of this information guide is to provide the members of the Motorcycle community with information that will assist in bringing and maintaining a peaceful and respectful understanding between members of motorcycling organizations that share the roadways.
This document is for education and information purposes only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information presented and will make any corrections and updates as we get new information or as inaccuracies are pointed out. We would also like to say that we understand that you may or may not agree with some or any of the things contained within this document and only ask that you read it with an open mind and consider that while you may or may not agree, you are at least gaining some insight as to what an MC type club is about. I will say that the only true way to really get the full story on what being in a MC Club is like is to go through the process to actually become a member. It should be noted that different areas and different motorcycle clubs each have their own set of rules they follow. No disrespect is intended toward any individual, group, club or organization with the presentation of this information.

Q: Who are you?
A: Just a group of people that, with this site, do not claim any club affiliation at all. We are just trying to pass along a little knowledge that may help someone somewhere answer a few questions they may have. We will never claim to know everything about every club. We will not share any internal club business, just generalities about clubs. We welcome constructive comments from all. If an inaccuracy is found, please contact our webmaster.

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Special Note:

This site has gone over better than any of us had hoped. We are happy we could help so many around the world with a better understanding of the basics of the MC world and lifestyle. After several requests over the years since this site went active, we now have our own web site so it should be available all the time now, instead of getting shutting down halfway through the month for going over its allotted bandwidth.